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Benni Knop believes that designing and mixing sound is an art form and story is king. When sound is executed with consistency and creativity it produces an atmosphere that enhances the integrity of a story, well beyond the performance, taking the audience on a sensory and emotional journey.

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Dialogue Editing

The dialogue of your film is key to getting your story across which makes dialogue editing one of the most important audio post production steps. Noisy Post is the king of dialogue restoration and editing. With state of the art technology such as iZotope and the know how to reduce background noise and edit out unwanted sounds, Noisy Post will make your dialogue clean and flow from scene to scene.

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ADR & VO Recording

When your location audio isn’t up to scratch because you had a loud set or sound issues when capturing that one important take, sometimes ADR is the choice you have to make. At Noisy Post can record dialogue in our studio and make it match seamlessly with your location audio in an acoustically controlled room with high class broadcast quality microphones and preamps.

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Sound Editing

Benni Knop is a ninja on Pro Tools and can bring your film to life, on time and on budget. Depending on your needs and budget, unique sounds can be recorded specifically for your production but when your schedule or budget is tight, our dense award winning sound library recorded by the best sound recordists in the world can deliver your story to your audience. We take pride in our sound design and by layering sounds we can build a sound scape that is unique and engaging.

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An audiences will never know what is drawing them into the story but so many factors including foley all play a part in the immersion of your production and convince them of what’s in front of them. Whether it’s glueing ADR to the location dialogue or bringing a fight scene together, foley is vital and we have the team to bring this to a reality.

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Score Mixing

The Noisy Post PMC 5.1 Studio is a stunning space to mix your score. Benni Knop has mixed films and scores that translate in small home theatres to large commercial cinemas. If you want your score brought to life from stereo to 5.1 Noisy Post has the skills and space to do it. Benni Knop has been mixing music long before moving into film. His experience extends to all styles of music.

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Re-Recording Mixing

The final mix of your film is such a crucial part of the audio post production process. It brings all the elements of dialogue, sound effects, ambiences and score together to deliver your story. Benni Knop mixes in 5.1 and stereo as well as stem mixes so you have all the deliverables you need for distribution. You film or television production will translate on laptop speakers, airpods all the way up to a large commercial cinema.

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Live Performance & Broadcast

Noisy Post has mixed live streams and broadcast of numerous conferences, live band concerts, variety shows with a 100 piece choir, large orchestra, big bands, and theatre performances. Whether you’re looking to broadcast a show live or release a multitrack recorded performance on Bluray, video on demand (VOD) including Netflix or Stan or broadcast on the major television channels, we can help you. Noisy Post can mix your production live and in post production so the audience feels like they were there and to the correct specifications for your delivery format.

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Album Mixing & Mastering

Benni Knop has been writing, recording and mixing music since his teenage days on the family computer. Since then he has mixed and mastered music for a multitude of artists from around world and in many different genres. With his PMC monitors, top shelf plugins but mostly importantly a great set of ears, Benni Knop can mix or master your album and bring your songs to life.

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With over 15+ years in the industry, Benni Knop thought it was time to share his knowledge, to grow the sound community and in turn grow through the community he builds. From streaming while he works on Twitch, creating engaging tutorial videos for youtube or building a sharing community of soundies on Discord. After receiving such a great response from the community Benni Knop continues to share and aims to build a library of online courses to help others in the area of audio post production.

"Benni has been a fantastic asset to all my productions. Having worked on a television pilot, a worldwide distributed feature film and many other projects, I have always had the confidence to trust him with delivering the greatest quality sound. Benni has an uncanny ear for detail, not only does he respond well to direction, be he also offers many creative and technical solutions across all my endeavours. His work is of the highest quality, no matter what the broadcast output may be. He is both reliable and extremely talented, and I would happily recommend him to any production."
- Nick Kozakis
Visible Studios


Why Choose Us?

Having worked in the film and television industry for well over a decade, and his background as professional musicians, Benni Knop has developed his craft to ensure that the design, composition and balance of sound with a musician’s sensitivity.

Benni Knop has experience in all aspects of audio post production including as sound editor, sound designer, ADR recordist, composer and re-recording mixer, enabling Noisy Post to shape the overall soundscape that is integral to the story-telling process.

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