Benni Knop

After working in audio post production for other companies at the end of 2018, Benni Knop finally moved into a space he could call his own and started working under the banner of Noisy Post.

Noisy Post maybe a new name but Benni Knop is not new to the game of audio post production. After 15+ years in the industry Benni Knop has worked on six feature films with multiple distributed internationally screened in theatres and online, a dozen short films which have all been around the globe in film festivals, award winning feature length documentaries, a bunch of podcasts, TVCs and other music mixes heard by tens of thousands of people world-wide. Working with up and coming film producers, non for profits such as The Salvation Army, Arts Centre Melbourne, both the Australian and NZ Government, and a bunch of companies here in Australia and internationally.

Now in a start of the art 5.1 acoustically treated mixing room with 100 inch screen and client couch, Noisy Post is setup to record ADR and voice overs as well as work on dialogue editing, sound editing, sound design, foley and re-recrording mixing (the final mix).

“I love sound but most of all I love story. I want to be apart of great art and create something that will last the test of time.”

Benni Knop