Benni Knop Sound Recording in Redfern

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Have you ever wondered what is involved in building your film or television show soundscape? The sound design or mixing stage of a production? Benni Knop takes you through two short films, a web series, a feature film as well as feature length documentary and shows you how audio post production transforms these projects into something professional and pleasing to the ears. Audio doesn’t just happen on its own, in some of these productions there is no audio at all. You’ll hear what Noisy Post is capable of.

Previous Clients

Benni has been a fantastic asset to all my productions. Having worked on a television pilot, a worldwide distributed feature film and many other projects, I have always had the confidence to trust him with delivering the greatest quality sound. Benni has an uncanny ear for detail, not only does he respond well to direction, be he also offers many creative and technical solutions across all my endeavours. His work is of the highest quality, no matter what the broadcast output may be. He is both reliable and extremely talented, and I would happily recommend him to any production.

Nick Kozakis

Director / Editor / Producer

Benni Knop worked on my latest feature film Living Space, his work ethic and attention to detail was what set him apart from others. He is a dedicated sound specialist who has gone above and beyond. He was able to meet extremely tight deadlines yet provide exceptional professional work. I would recommend him to all film makers and studios looking for a dedicated Audio Post Production professional.

Steven Spiel

Director of 'Living Space' (aka Nazi Undead)

Benni is a confident, fast, precise engineer and has helped make our productions sound amazing. We continue to use him to make sure our audio production values are always 110%.

Jason Huxley

JAYPAQ Productions

A skilled hard worker, who works with the director in tandem, and builds on a great result. Constantly fixes glaring audio issues that arise, and also adds his own creative mind to the mix. A real treat to work with.

Phillip Klimek

Director & Composer of 'Hunter' & 'His Hand'

It was such a pleasure to collaborate with Benni, the passion and talent he brings to my projects are second to none.

Scott Dale

Director of 'Beyond the Water's Edge'

Benni is collaborative, easy going, and authentic. I have used his services on my horror films and recommend him for atmospheric, visceral soundscapes.

Goran Spoljaric

Director of 'Secretions' & 'The Priest'

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