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"Benni is a confident, fast, precise engineer and has helped make our productions sound amazing. We continue to use him to make sure our audio production values are always 110%."
- Jason Huxley
JAYPAQ Productions

We create immersive soundscapes and mixes for Music, Film & TV, Online Productions, Live Concerts & Video Games.

Noisy Post has a team full of diversely skilled creators to cover all audio post production needs. The team is lead by Benni Knop who’s been in the game for over 15 years and is now becoming one of the lead educators in this field online. Starting as a musician Benni Knop has worked in Music Production, Mixing and Mastering, Live Performance and Concert Mixing, Feature Films and Documentaries.

We work in formats from stereo to 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos and can cover all aspects of audio post production from Dialogue Editing, ADR Recording and Editing, Foley, Sound Design and Editing, Music and Score Mixing as well as Re-Recording Mixing (Final Sound Mix).


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Dialogue Editing

Dialogue is key to effective storytelling. This makes dialogue editing one of the most important audio post production steps. Combining state of the art technology and years of industry experience and know-how, Noisy Post offers world-class dialogue restoration and editing to make sure your project's dialogue is clean and consistent.

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ADR & VO Recording

At Noisy Post studio, I offer professional ADR and VO recording for bespoke, small projects to dialogue replacement for films. I capture clean dialogue and make sure it seamlessly matches your location audio in an acoustically controlled room with high class broadcast quality microphones and preamps.

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Sound Editing & Design

I take pride in sound editing and design, building unique and immersive soundscapes tailored to different project needs, budgets and timeframes. I am a Pro Tools ninja and can bring your project to life, using my dense, award-winning sound library and bespoke sounds and foley produced specifically for your project to enhance storytelling.

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Live Broadcast Editing & Mixing

I have extensive experience as a professional musician and sound mixer to editing and post-mixing. I bring a unique sensitivity and precision to translating your project from a live performance to a studio-quality sound, without compromising authenticity and atmosphere. I offer stereo and surround sound mixes for all music styles.

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Score Mixing & Spatial Audio Up-mixing

Scores add an extra dimension to projects and are often the vessel that builds an audience's emotional investment in a story. The Noisy Post Dolby Atmos studio is a stunning space to mix your score. I have mixed films and scores that translate in small home theatres to large commercial cinemas. We also offer stereo to Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio Mixing for Apple Music and Tidal.

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Re-Recording Mixing

The final mix of your film is a crucial part of the audio post production process. It brings all the elements of dialogue, sound effects, ambiences and score together. I mix in all formats from Stereo to DOLBY ATMOS and ensure your project translates for airpods as well as it does for a commercial cinema. I also provide stem mixes so you have everything you need for distribution.

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Spatial Audio mixing at Noisy Post allows you to experience your music like never before. We recognize the significance of providing exciting audio experiences. We bring your music to life by integrating Dolby Atmos, the breakthrough spatial audio format, engaging listeners in a multidimensional auditory adventure. 

Furthermore, Apple Music & Tidal, are prioritizing Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio mixed music on its platforms, recognizing its ability to captivate consumers. Our expert audio professionals, lead by the seasoned Benni Knop, assure painstaking attention to detail and a commitment to perfection at Noisy Post. 

Trust Benni Knop’s ears and our stunning 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos mix room to take your song to new heights and take your listeners on a journey. Enjoy your music as it was intended with full 360 immersion.

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Flats Documentary Poster
The Faceless Man Feature Film Poster
Plague Feature Film Poster
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Secretions Short Film Poster
Humble Hope Documentary Poster


Over the last decade I have worked on hundreds of productions including feature films with global distribution, short films that have featured in international film festivals, award-winning documentaries, TVCs and a variety of other online productions.

"His work ethic and attention to detail was what set him apart from others. He was able to meet extremely tight deadlines yet provide exceptional professional work. I would recommend him to all film makers looking for a dedicated Audio Post Production professional."
- Steven Spiel
Director of 'Living Space' (aka Nazi Undead)

If your production is in need of Dialogue Editing, ADR Recording, Sound Editing, Sound Design or Re-Recording Mixing (aka Sound Mixing) for your documentary, feature film, short film, television show, TVC, video game or web series then get in contact below!

"Benni has been a fantastic asset to all my productions. Having worked on a television pilot, a worldwide distributed feature film and many other projects, I have always had the confidence to trust him with delivering the greatest quality sound. Benni has an uncanny ear for detail, not only does he respond well to direction, be he also offers many creative and technical solutions across all my endeavours. His work is of the highest quality, no matter what the broadcast output may be. He is both reliable and extremely talented, and I would happily recommend him to any production."
- Nick Kozakis
Visible Studios


Noisy Post has worked on the sound editing and mixing for some of Australia’s most successful musicians and performers. My experience extends from theatre shows for the Melbourne Theatre Company, to orchestral concerts for Arts Centre Melbourne, live concerts by Australia’s leading artists at Sydney Opera House and live performances by artists like Tones & I, one of Australia’s most popular pop singer/song-writers.


Whilst streaming my work on projects for a live audience of industry peers and budding audio professionals, I saw the need for quality education in Audio Post Production and decided it was time to give back and share my knowledge. 

I have more than 15 years industry experience to share as well as partnerships with large audiovisual companies such as Waves Plugins and Blackmagic Design to review the latest gear and provide insight on how to best use it for efficiency and effectiveness. 

Follow Noisy Post on socials or subscribe to be the first to know about my upcoming courses on Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, ADR Recording and Re-Recording Mixing.



We’re proud to announce we’ve launched a new series of products called ‘PRACTICE PRODUCTIONS’. A variety of short films, trailers and short documentaries for you to practice all aspects of Audio Post Production. You can try out setting up your project, dialogue editing, sound editing, foley, sound design, and mixing in any format you choose. We understand that getting your first film project without experience or a solid showreel can be hard.

Once you get the practice you need from our AAF projects you can upload a hidden, unlisted or private link to share with potential clients.

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